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          Jilin Fuda Group Co., Ltd.

                Jilin Fuda Group Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company authorized by the Ministry of commerce of P.R. C. The authorization number is [{84}Trader l 267],which allows Fuda to deal with import and export trade and to act as an agent and distributor foother companies. Based in Jilin province, after more than 10 years development, Fuda Group covers trade, logistics and information technology.

               By virtue of integration of business capital, financia capital and industrial capital, Fuda Group realizes the process of associated expanding, optimizing operation framework and maximizing the dimensions of operation and the value. In order to take the challenge of interna-tional markets, Fuda group keeps on extending business scope and strengthening self-competitiveness, and gains a great development in international trade.

               Meanwhile, Fuda Group owns a first-class logistics team and has the strategy, and Fuda creates the service theme 'SATISTYING WHAT CUSTOMERS REQUIRE, ACCOMPLISHING WHAT, CUSTOMERS WANT, DISCOVERING WHAT CUSTOMERS DEMAND'.Fuda Group has long-term strategical partne relationship with several international transportation agen-cies, such as PANALPINA, KUEHNE+NAGEL, SCHEnKeR and RIECKK etc.

               By providing the excellent service and comprehensive information network, Fuda Group has formed an integrated supply chain of procurement and logistics platform, and supplied comprehensive services of integration of procurement supply chain to customers.

          • Headquarter:Room 3041, Block C 355 West Minzhu
            Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, China

          • Zip Code:130061

          • Office Line:0086-431-85082117

          • E-mal:office-fd@fdme.com.cn

          • Fax:0086-431-88524765 / 88588689

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