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          The Benefits of Bonded Warehouse

          Fuda owns the first public bonded warehouse in Jilin Province. By virtue of the national bonded policies, Fuda can acceler-ate the speed of capital flow, commerce flow and cargos flow in order to cut the customer's operation costs and provide the convenient, efficient and competitive services.


          1. 1. Temporary Free for Import Tariff

          2. Free Levying Fees for Delayed Declaration for One Year

          3. The Cargos Owners can Pick up the Storage in Several Parts

          4. Avoiding the occupancy of Floating Capital

          5. Accelerating the Turnover of Floating Capital

          6. Increasing the Rate of Strikeing a Bargain


                 Changchun mayor and Changchun Customs Header

                 In the openning ceremony of Jilin Province first public 

                 bonded warehouse--Fuda Bonded warehouse


          The facilities of bonded warehouse

          1. Steel-Structured Warehouse

          2. Full sets of Fire Hydrant Instruments

          3. Electrical Spool Fireproofing Wall

          4. 24-hour Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTv) System



          • Headquarter:Room 3041, Block C 355 West Minzhu
            Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, China

          • Zip Code:130061

          • Office Line:0086-431-85082117

          • E-mal:office-fd@fdme.com.cn

          • Fax:0086-431-88524765 / 88588689

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