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          Overseas Inland Transport Service

          Through the constant collaboration with overseas partners, Fuda has weaved a sound global inland transport network,which ensures the JlT transport and the JlT loading from customers plants to the nearest airport or seaport.

          p-15-01 內陸運輸 (2)_meitu_1.jpgp-15-02 內陸運輸_meitu_1.jpg

          1.World-wide Optimized Transportation

          2.Packing and Consolidation

          3.The Service of Gathering Cargos

          4.Tallying and Loading 

          International Ocean Freight Service

          Global Ocean Freight Network: CMA CGM(China) Shipping Co, Ltd, American President Line (China)Co., Ltd,Han Jin, Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line(China) CO., Ltd, COSCO Container Lines and Japan Minsheng Co., Ltd etc.

          p-17-01 haiyang.jpg

          1. 1.Chartering and Booking Spaces

          2.FCL/LCL Service

          3.Transport Insurance

          4.Export Customs Clearance

          Ternational Transport Service

          Fuda has established a powerful service network of international air freight and ocean freight, which covers America,Europe and Asia. For mostly guaranteeing customer's benefits, Fuda provides the excellent services during the whole international transport process.


          1. International Air Freight Service

          Worldwide Air Freigh Network:Air China, China Eastern Airlines and Germany Lufthansa Airline etc.

          1.The Specific Staff to be Contacted Anytime

          2.Scheduled and Chartered Flights

          3.Own Distribution Warehouse in Airport

          4.Palletization Service

          5.Export Customs Clearance

          6.Transport Insurance

          Domestic Inland Transport Service

          Fuda Logistics provides domestic inland transport services through combination of logical configuration and effective management. Meanwhile, through information system share and process collaboration, Fuda Logistics can supply the inlan transport service of competitive cost but without compromise of service quality.

          P-18-01 內陸運輸車.jpg


          1. 1.China-wide Transportation

          2.Transhipment/Customs Declaration and Quarantine

          3.Inspection and Pick-up

          • Headquarter:Room 3041, Block C 355 West Minzhu
            Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, China

          • Zip Code:130061

          • Office Line:0086-431-85082117

          • E-mal:office-fd@fdme.com.cn

          • Fax:0086-431-88524765 / 88588689

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